Arpad Von Sonnig
               (better know as Artie)

Artie is an AKC registered plush coat that came from Minnesota and whose grandfather was the white German" Shepherd in the movie
"Dances with Wolves."
 Sonje Von Sebastion
Sonje is also AKC registered but a short haired GSD from Louisiana.

           White Brazos Valley Shepherds is a family owned business located on a 17 acre farm in central Texas. We raise white German Shepherds to provide healthy, intellegent dogs for families or singles who are looking for a companionable dog for themselves and/or their family, or people who have need of a service dog. 
          Like the standard german shepherds, white german shepherds are smart, eager to please and very courageous. I have four teenagers who love playing ball and frizbee with them as well as taking them for  runs.