This is our testament to how amazing WHITE BRAZOS VALLEY SHEPHERDS are  as an overall specimen of the German Shepherd breed. I have truly never been more impressed with how smart, sweet and mild mannered the behavior is exhibited from our new puppy. Our puppy is healthy with a beautiful white coat and a perfect disposition. He adjusted right away to his new environment. He is fabulous with my two boys and enjoys long walks and playing fetch. We are truly blessed that we were able to connect with Frances Cobb and her dogs. Her love and dedication to the breed shows in the reflection of the commitment she makes not only to the animals but to the new owners too. I highly recommend her exceptional dogs to anyone looking for a new family member. . . . We absolutely love Brady, he is a God send!   
Ashlee Clyne—Dallas,Texas
We recently purchaced our White German Shepherd puppy from Frances at White Brazos Valley Shepherds and it was an incredible experience! Nala's paperwork and shot records were all ready for us on our arrival, and Frances was super friendly! We have had a wonderful time with Nala since we purchaced  her and Frances has even followed up with us to make sure things were going well! Thankyou White Brazos Valley Shepherds for a beautiful puppy and a great experience!   
                               Clint & Janie Hook—Baytown, Texas

Nala Hook

Enjoying her new toy!

Ķepa is such a great pup! I've had many people compliment me on how well-behaved she is for a puppy. She was very quickly house-trained and quick to learn her general training (although this is obviously still ongoing). Ķepa is very popular at the dog park; very playful but a touch submissive so as to not be too intimidating. She seems to walk around thinking everyone loves her, and likes both people and other dogs equally; just a very social pup! So far, she​'s been quite fearless. We're just starting to learn to swim and I'm hoping to get her out on my SUP in the next week or two. I get compliments all the time on what a gorgeous dog she is. I'm terribly biased, but I do think she's very striking. Thanks a lot for checking in on us beyond adoption day!     
 Krista Skujins—Austin,Texas
Very happy. We already have a tight relationship. . . . is getting along with all my other critters.
Jeanne Barrett—Fredricksburg, Texas
Lady Bella of Texas has been a wonderful addition to our family. Her temperment and playfulness has been an enjoyment. She loves my two boys and protects them. I am very pleased with White Brazos Valley Shepherds and highly recommend them. Thank you Frances.
The Quintela Family—Carlsbad, New Mexico

Lady Bella of Texas

Thank you White Brazos Valley Shepherds for such an awesome puppy! We could not have asked for better! Mose was able to get acclimated to his new home very quickly. He was easy to potty train and crate train! (We were surprised about how easy this was!) Mose is the center of attention where ever we take him. We constantly receive compliments on how beautiful of a dog he is! He is such a loving, caring, playful pup we're fortunate to call him ours!

Mose got away during a bath.

    We are extremely lucky to have found Frances at White Brazos Valley Shepherds. She was so helpful throughout the entire process (even after we picked him up) and was kind enough to share pictures of Mose until we were able to pick him up! We highly, highly recommend White Brazos Valley Shepherds for your White German Shepherd!
Ashley Hrebik—Austin, Texas

Mose Von Shrute

Thankyou for introducing us to Nimbus. He's been a great addition and extremely smart.
Nimbus is an amazing puppy, extremely smart, a fast learner and has had a great temperment towards our pets. We were extremely pleased to meet Frances. Thank you for bringing Nimbus into our lives.
The Alvarenga Family—Arlington, Texas

Nimbus Von Sonje

Nimbus ready for the holidays.

He's smart and learning fast. . . . Everyone compliments him​​.

Kieth Pippenger--Combine, Texas

Kane Von Pippenger

   Kiah is growing so fast, he looks like a teenager now, lol. He was a perfect addition to our family and is so loved!
   He's so smart, only took him about two weeks to catch on to the potty training and now knows how to ring the bell on the backdoor when he needs to go out. He's doing really well with his commands also, sits like a perfect litlle genleman, will shake your hand and show you how to swim if you want him to. . . . Thanks again for our little boy, we love him sooooo much!
Jay, Traci and Kiah Boden—Burleson, Texas

Kiah Von Boden

Sherlock is really healthy and happy!! He loves people. . . . he is so smart! Everyone loves him. . . . I was so impressed with the parents & your loving family. Thank you again!​​

Donna Hahn—Smithville, Texas

Sherlock Bear Hahn

Snuggled in his bed.

He's a really great dog. . . . he learns really quick and he's very smart. . . . he's definitely loyal.

Corey Roth--Houston, Texas

Ghost Ryder

Tundra [is] doing great!! He is so gentle and loving. Everyone loves him. Thanks again for all you did for us.
Fran & Roger —Belize

Lord Tundra

I bought my wonderful german shepherd from Frances. She is an excellent dog breeder—high quality puppies. She's very helpful and always checks with you during the first year or two of the dog's life. She was very helpful with all the paperwork, registration and everything the puppy needed to go to his new home. Our puppy's name is Sunny. He is an excellent dog, well tempered, very smart and highly intellegent
John Ptts III—Killeen, Texas

Sunny White Pitts 3rd

Kira has been such a wondeful puppy! She has a lot of energy but has been relatively easy to train. At 3 months she knows about 5 commands both visually and verbally and is quickly learning 2 more. She's very quick to learn and loves being challenged to develope new skills. She has a very sweet disposition and funny personality. White Brazos Valley Shepherds was very accommodating when choosing a date to see the puppies and pick them up. They also had a nice folder of paperwork and vaccine records completed and ready upon pick up of the puppy. A lot of people compliment Kira on how smart and beautiful she is and she fits right in to the family.
Audrey O'Neal—Houston, Texas

Kira Toundra Blanche

It's been a fantastic experience with you . . .you just changed two lives for the better. Your dogs are the best and I like your honesty and great personality in the process of getting a new family member. . . . we appreciate all the love that you give your puppies and the great experience that we had with you and your family. Our best wishes for you.
Miguel Cuevas—Houston, Texas
Hi! Colt is doing wonderful. Very healthy and happy, getting along very well with our other dogs.
Peter Englund—Alaska

Reina & Olympia


We LOVE Maverick . . . . He's doing FABULOUS! He loves going up to people especially kids! People just RAVE on how sweet, beautiful and well behaved he is! He is wonderful.
Steffani & Chris Mortin—Houston, Texas


Oh he's been a joy to have every day! At his 12 week check up he was already at 23 pounds and the vets say he's in great health. We walk a 2 mile trail twice every day and he loves it! He's definitely gotten us to get outside more and enjoy the great spring weather.
Geralyn Ayala—San Antonio


Queeney and her big brother patrolling the fenceline

Queeney is just amazing. She has been a blessing and was needed more than we knew. . . . She is doing just great. . . Queeney is just a joy to have in our home. She is healthy, happy and the new love of her big brother's heart. This was an easy and simple adoption process, plus her parents were really beautiful, healthy and well balanced dogs. . . . . Thanks again!
The Murphy Family—Georgetown, Texas


Bucky is doing great and its a pleasure to have him. He learns very quickly and always gets compliments on how pretty and well behaved he is. Thank you very much for bringing him into our lives!

Ariel Wang—Houston, Texas


Brazos is doing great. We are 4 weeks into training and they are impressed. On first visit, they noted she is well bred.
Gerald Dyson—Pipe Creek, Texas